“Power your city with clean, direct & tried and true vitality” focuses on urban vitality systems, covering the subjects vitality supply, dissemination and end usage; sharp eco-urban groups, urban transportation with capable real estate and low releases; microgrid and splendid home; BIPV and renewable applications; urban waste to vitality; nexus of real estate; plan decisions et cetera.

The event contains a two-day symposium to share the most recent progression of investigation in urban real estate systems and an one-day summit to join with all accomplices to analyze how future urban real estate structures can be completed.

In the midst of the event, short presentations in sort of blurbs will be given by the PLEEC urban groups on the present status of their Action Plans for transforming into a real estate City furthermore contemplations on the data situation/seeing of urban territories. Besides, Austrian Smart Cities furthermore diverse pros on vitality successful urban change will give bits of learning into methods for measuring real estate circumstances.